Saturday, August 7, 2010


Life is full of choices.  I am where I am in part because of the choices I've made.  I've made some significant choices in the past decade.   I chose to seek help from a therapist to work through my issues.  I discovered that I can choose NOT to be like my parents and instead choose to be the kind of person that I want to be.  I chose to get out of an unhealthy marriage, even though it was hard.  I chose to pursue my dream of attending seminary and training for a second career in the ministry.  I chose to leave the Unitarian Universalist tradition when I felt that it wasn't feeding me appropriately.  I chose to join the United Church of Christ tradition and to become baptized.  I chose to see a nutrition therapist and an eating disorder therapist because I have an unhealthy relationship with food.  I chose to seek help from a specialist in treating my diabetes.  I chose to seek help in dealing with my depression and am now on an anti-depressant that seems to be working quite well.  I chose to be more proactive in finding an intimate relationship by joining a dating service.  I don't know if we can choose to love ourselves, but I can choose not to engage in negative self talk anymore and I can choose to be more ready to acknowledge and appreciate my good qualities.  Perhaps that will lead to true self-love.

I am now choosing to start this blog.  In a few weeks, I will be embarking on another journey in spiritual leadership and I will be working on my spiritual life.  All of my choices have been made with the ultimate goal of becoming a complete human being and this latest choice is at least as important as any of the other choices.  I expect this adventure with my spiritual self will provide a lot of material for blogging.  Stay tuned!

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  1. I think those are FABULOUS choices, Sue. Bravo!!!!!

    Yes, I will stay tuned -- I agree that there will be lots for you to blog about in the coming months! I can't wait!