Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lost and Found

What does it mean to be lost?
What is it to turn one's back on God?

I have been lost.

Denying who I am
Trying to squeeze into a mold that doesn't fit
         Made for me
         By someone else
         In someone else's image
Ashamed because I can't fit.

Running away
        Trying to flee from the true self within
        Who is so desperately wanting to come out.
If I run fast enough maybe I can lose myself.

Faster and faster
Turning my back on God.


Something urges me to stop for a moment
        I hear God's voice
        Asking me to turn around

And as I turn, my inner self begins to appear
        Very timidly at first
        Then more and more boldly
And she is smilling!

I start running towards God
Faster and faster.

I am found.

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